Abstract Portal Instructions

  1. To submit an abstract firstly you must create an account for the author of the abstract by clicking “Create New Account”
  2. Please use a valid email address and a memorable password so you can sign back into your account to make edits and view the submission process
  3. Click the “Update Contact Information” tab to correctly identify your submission
  4. To submit an abstract, click the “Abstract Submission” tab and follow the instructions to submit an abstract including:
    • Abstract title (max 50 words)
    • Presentation type (selection from drop-down menu)
    • Select the SIG your abstract falls under
    • Add abstract authors, noting to select if they are presenting 
    • Enter the abstract topic description (please adhere to the guidelines for the submission eg presentation 400 words) 
    • Answer required questions on the involvement of research around Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island Peoples

Please note that any time you wish to save your abstract before submitting you can find the “Save As Draft” button at the bottom of your page. When you log back in, you can find all draft abstracts in the “Edit Abstracts” tab. 

5. Agree to the terms and conditions and submit. You will receive an email stating confirmation of your submission. 

6. If the reviewer outcomes deems the abstract needs to be edited, you will receive an email with a link to log back into your profile to view the feedback. To resubmit click “Edit Abstracts” to edit your submission. 

7. You will be notified of the review outcome through an email. 

Note: please ensure you check your ‘junk’ mail inbox in case any emails from the software program are sent there due to firewalls/security 

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